,2018. The Asian English Olympics is back! This prestigious and mostly awaited English Competition in Asia has finally returned in 8 – 12 February 2018. The 2018 Asian English Olympics using “Discover Your Extraordinary” as the theme. The value of this theme is to convey a message for Asian youths to step out of their comfort zone, get experiences and discover the meaning of Extraordinary in their life. They will never be changes in their life until they step out of their comfort zone and try something different.

The seventh Asian English Olympics brought 8 competition fields consist of Debate, Speech, Spelling Bee, Scrabble, Newscasting, Storytelling, Short Story Writing (online), and Radio Drama (online). To make it more challenging and exciting, The 2018 Asian English Olympics invited some expert across Asia to become judges and train the participants to give them guidance before the competition begins. Thus, the participants who never experienced in a competition before will be able to gain their confidence and compete in this Asian English Olympics.

The Asian English Olympics has invited a lot of spotlights, especially at some universities in Asia. The seventh Asian English Olympics is brought back to continue the success of The Asian English Olympics. The 2018 Asian English Olympics was joined by 673 participants from 11 countries in Asia such as; Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macao, Bangladesh, Laos, and Cambodia. The 2018 Asian English Olympics was held in Jakarta on February 8th – 12th 2018 in BINUS University, Kemanggisan Campus. This event was not an ordinary competition. It was filled with many fun and intriguing activities. The Opening of The 2018 Asian English Olympics is the moment where all the participants got to watch many exciting performances as well as being welcomed. The Coaching Clinic is when the participants got some lecture and tricks from the expert judges. The Breaking Announcement is when the participants who got to the semi-final was announced, and also The Closing Ceremony of The 2018 Asian English Olympics which is held to announce the champion as well as giving the memorable impression to all of the participants.

All of the participants and people who got to be part of The 2018 Asian English Olympics have experienced theirs step out from the comfort zone and found their extraordinary. There are always many more things to discover, and we will see you next year at The 2019 Asian English Olympics!